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How do I remove a font from Embrilliance?

If you have AlphaTricks, there is a button made just for removing fonts.
Go to your font import tool. Click 'no.'
Scroll down the imported fonts list until you find the one you are after.
When it is highlighted, click the "delete" button on the right. The font is gone!

If you don't have AlphaTricks, it can still be done. Here's how.

To remove an imported font from your Embrilliance Essentials software: Go to the location of the font on your computer. You can use File Explorer to do this.


You will probably see a folder containing the font you want to remove. Inside the folder are two files for each font:


Select both the .bf and .lf files for the font you wish to remove.

Delete them. Close and reopen your Embrilliance program and you will see they are gone.

For Mac Users, it looks like this:

Use the "Go To Folder..." command in the Finder Go Menu.

Copy and paste the following in the "Go to the folder:" box.

~/Library/Containers/com.britonleap.Embrilliance/Data/Library/Application Support/Embrilliance/Fonts/Imported

Here you will find the fonts.

Each font has two files:


Close down the program and reopen and you will see they are gone.


thank you

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