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Embrilliance Enthusiast
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Embrilliance Enthusiast


$179.00(regularly $189.00 )

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All Embrilliance programs are guaranteed with a 90 day refund policy. We are confident that you will love this software!

Welcome, Enthusiast!

Once you have mastered the Essentials, you might be ready to play a little bit more, explore more advanced functions, and take on a little more challenge. If this is you, you might be an enthusiast. We named this program after you!

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Check out these features:

  • Stitch editing
  • Multiple hooping
  • Baste Hoop
  • Precise Position
  • Mirror X 4
  • Instant repeat
  • Carousel
  • Scatter
  • Advanced Thread editor
  • Advanced Sizing controls
  • Advanced Stitch properties
  • Runs without Essentials, but when combined, a lot of easy-to-use fun can be found!



You can select stitches in your design using Lasso and similar tools; move, delete, copy paste, split, and more. Repair gaps in stitching. Adjust compensation, change stitch type from satins and fills, select and correct stitch types, including cleaning up jumps, ensure tie stitches before and after jumps.

The ability to edit individual stitches is a very useful tool. Sometimes there are parts of a design that you simply do not want. Other times, there are jams of stitches that simply cannot be removed any other way. In still other cases, you want to add a few stitches to get rid of gaps or increase coverage in an area that’s not necessarily a fill. Maybe you just want to make a pocket topper?

Multiple hooping

So, you saw it on the Internet and had to have it.

But it’s too big for your machine…

Embrilliance Enthusiast has our patented design splitting technology built into it. This system automatically splits designs into multiple positions for sewing as separate designs which tile together to make a larger design. In the past, splitting a design took hours of editing by a person schooled in the process.

Our splitting drastically reduces the visible ‘seams’ that occur from manually splitting files using an editor. In most cases, the final product is indistinguishable from one created on a larger-field machine.

split into hoop

Some hoops have multiple positions. This means that you only hoop the fabric once and generate the design by sewing it in those multiple sections. However, you can achieve the same result by re-hooping the fabric multiple times to create the design. We call this a “Virtual Hoop.” The Essentials version of the program comes with many hoops and virtual hoops pre-defined. The Enthusiast version has creation and editing of these hoops as well.

When sewing designs in multiple sections, often the question of alignment comes up. This is accomplished automatically with multi-position hoops, but to make it easier for regular hoops, the program will add basting stitches which will align the designs. To choose a hoop, click the preferences button on the toolbar, and the Hoops window will appear:

Many built-in multiple position hoops pre-loaded. Split AUTOMATICALLY using our patented feature. Use Mega Hoop, Plus Hoop, Jumbo Hoop, Dream Hoop, Hoop-It-All, etc. You can even use many regular hoops in a side-by-side arrangement so your sewing field is now as wide as it is tall.

Baste Hoop

With Essentials, individually selected designs can have a basting stitch added automatically. This is useful when you want to add a layer of stabilizer or some other material before the sewing of a design.

baste Hoop

But with Enthusiast, a basting stitch can be added to the hoop, which allows for a layer of topping stabilizer to be basted in place before any designs are sewn. A typical use of this is to add a layer of water-soluble topping to a towel, which will prevent the terry cloth loops from coming up through the embroidery. It can be hard to hoop a towel, and the topping stabilizer will want to slide around before the stitching happens, so basting it first can make the process easier.

Precise Position

Accurate positioning of any design on the page. Use this advanced customizing feature for perfect layouts.

precise positionYou can precisely position designs using these buttons. The three buttons on the (top, left) control the display of the x-axis position. There are Left, Center and Right, which means that when you have the Left button set, the display will be of the left edge of the design.

Similarly, the bottom three buttons control the vertical axis, top, center and bottom respectively. The position controls are very useful for creating tiled patterns.

Mirror X 4

Take corner designs and perfectly set them in all four corners of the hoop.


Instant Repeat

Repeat a design across and down. Make a nice effect.

instant repeatCarousel

Create a circular composition out of your designs.



Unique effect to create copies of your designs, including lettering, for neat effects on large spaces.


Advanced Thread editor

Beyond the Essentials palette creator, the Enthusiast editor lets you make your own thread brands, and pick colors right off web pages or PDFs.


The color grabber tool will let you click in any window and pick up whatever color is under the cursor. This is very useful when you are building a thread palette from a document such as a .pdf or a thread manufacturer’s webpage. If you want to adjust the color visually, use the HSV (Hue, Saturation, Value) sliders until you get a color that you like.

Advanced Sizing controls

The sizing in Essentials is automatic and very clever, but it uses a set of default parameters. The Enthusiast in you might want to adjust those parameters.


  • The sensitivity control is used to control how well the program discovers fills and satin stitches. If you have a design which has a lot of manually created stitch effects, then you may want the sensitivity higher, whereas normal designs that are digitized with objects like fills probably don’t need so much sensitivity, especially if there is blending going on.
  • Gap Reduction is a function within the software that helps adjacent areas lessen gaps that might be exposed or widen during increases in size.
  • The stitch length filters are used to prevent loopy stitches on the fabric from stitch elongation, and in the other direction, small stitches from gathering on the fabric making too many perforations or simply bunching up the fabric.
  • The settings are broken out by stitch type because the handling of satin stitches is special and you may want to achieve a split-satin look at a certain size.

Advanced Stitch properties

Control satin and fill density within each color layer in any stitch file. The stitch properties tab appears when a stitch design is selected. There are controls where you can add or remove up to 25% of the stitches by increasing or decreasing the density of the selected items. The slider controls will separately allow the adjustment of satin stitching and fill stitching, which allows very specific control.

Stitch Props

If you are a DRK user, there are additional controls which also tie in to the Project Advisor and the Project system.

Includes Downloadable Items

cathy f.

Hi 2 quick questions -

a) I would like to be able to "tweak" a downloaded / purchased design, specifically remove components or unlink stitches. Can I do it with this software?

b) how often are updates to the software done?

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Kirsten S.

Hi Cathy,

With Enthusiast, yes you can make changes to designs such as removing parts, adding or removing color stops, changing colors, merging other designs, and adding lettering.

Here's a video in which Lisa Shaw demonstrates stitch editing with Enthusiast:

I'm not sure there is a specific interval at which updates to the software are made, but I know they are frequent and ongoing. At the beginning of this year, I updated to 1.69, and now they are up to version 1.73.

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Maria B.

I am just a tad bit confused about my recent purchase of Embrilliance Ethusiast. I thought since I already have Essentials I was ready to add this additional software. But after I downloaded it, it looks identical to Essentials in which I already have. So, did I download Ethusiast or not?

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Kirsten S.

The tool bar at the top of your Embrilliance window changes a little bit with the addition of Enthusiast.

Above is the Essentials tool bar
Below is the Essentials+Enthusiast tool bar

When you have both enabled, you have an extra pointer icon, with a black stitch dot.

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Heather B.

Hi, Maria. Enthusiast will work as an add-on to Essentials. Meaning that it will run as one software. To make sure you have both installed, open Embrilliance, then select "Help" > "Serial Numbers". Check to see if your Enthusiast serial number is listed. If not, you can add it from that dialog box. Once done, you may need to re-start your computer. Then, re-open and check for any of of the Enthusiast features you were wanting to use.

[email protected]

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Maria B.

Thank you Heather for the reassurance. I took a moment late last night to play around with this software for a bit. Right now I am still trying to figure out how to use the Split feature. I also noticed, that when I use one of my extra large designs that I have, the split in the hoop feature wasn't working. Is it because that I have to use a design that has the split feature attached to it?

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Kirsten S.

Hi Maria,

I used the split feature just this week, and it didn't work quite the way I was expecting it to, so I found Lisa Shaw's video on it very helpful. You don't need a design that has a split feature attached; it can work on any design. Here is the video link:


Notice that once she uses "split", she then needs to move the pieces to their own design page. She is using manual hooping, which also matched what I was doing. Does it enlighten you?

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Heather B.

You're welcome, Maria. I will ask one of my co-workers to reply to you with some assistance as I am not experienced with Enthusiast's features.

[email protected]

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Shambavi R.

Since the Embrilliance Enthusiast appears to be more advanced can I just buy that and do all functions available in Essentials or is there something I would be missing on. I am based in Dubai and would appreciate if there was any brick store here which would help me if need be.thanks in advance

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Kirsten S.

Hi Shambavi

I don't believe Embrilliance has any brick stores in Dubai, but I have had personal experience with their online customer support tickets on a number of occasions. They are very responsive and helpful. They are happy to explain the program and help you in any way.

Enthusiast, in my opinion, adds extra features which not everyone needs, but eventually most users will want at least a couple of them. You would want Enthusiast if you want to edit individual stitches in an existing stitch file, or to create carousels and scatters as shown above. The knockdown stitch for use on towels is another great feature of Enthusiast, not included in Essentials.

If you would like to try the features of each before buying, then I suggest downloading the free demonstration version, which lets you try each of the programs either separately or working together. It's very helpful. Here is the link to how that works: https://www.embroidery.com/help.ec?docID=2957&efid=...

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Heather B.

Hi, Shambavi. No, Enthusiast does not include all the same features of Essentials. I'd recommend reading through both product pages to see which would be a better fit for you. If you have questions, let me know. If you're unsure which to choose, I usually recommend starting with Essentials.

[email protected]

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Sharron S.

Do you have a trial version for Enthusiast ? I would really like to try first as I have all Buzz Tools software.. Thank you in advance.. Sharron

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Kirsten S.

Hi Sharron,

You might be interested in trying the demonstration version that Embrilliance offers for free. It will let you select to work with only Essentials tools, or only Enthusiast tools, or both together, and go back and forth while you are trying the programs out. It lets you try every Embrilliance module (except Thumbnailer) in this way. The only thing the demonstration version does not do is save your work. Here's the link: https://www.embroidery.com/help.ec?docID=2957

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Heather B.

Hi, Sharron. We do not have a free trial available; however, all Embrilliance products do all come with a 90 money back guarantee, allowing you to so there is no risk in trying it out.

If you are starting out with an Embrilliance product, might I recommend Embrilliance Essentials as a great place to start? Enthusiast is a great product, but more of an add-on for those who already on Essentials, if that makes sense.

[email protected]

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Carol B.

How can I compare the features of this product to Bernina's Artlink 7?

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Darin Andersen

The features of Artlink can be found on Bernina's website here. I would recommend starting with Embrilliance Essentials instead of Enthusiast, since it has most of the features that an embroiderer needs. Add Enthusiast later when you need the advanced features. Unlike Artlink, Essentials will size any embroidery file and adjust the number of stitches accordingly. Artlink will do this is you have a Native .ART file. Embrilliance will let you combine multiple designs, change or delete color stops, add letting (even on a curve). The 90-day money back guarantee on Embrilliance will let you play around with the features at no risk.

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Carolyn L.

Can you print templates and save to the same formats as Essentials without buying Essentials?

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Darin Andersen

Yes, Enthusiast works as an independent stand-alone program. It reads and writes all of the embroidery formats.

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