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What is in Donnett's Sewing Basket?

This past weekend my daughter and I went shopping and I found a fabulous new sewing basket. (Yes, I have a sewing basket addiction)

So as I was thinking about adding my stash to the new basket, I thought you might like a look at what is in my basket.

Needle Case

This designer tool case features a button clasp, elastic straps and two magnets on both sides for your accessories. An excellent case to carry along with you to keep your stitching accessories tidy and together. Padded exterior with canvas-like stitched material inside.



Tapestry Hand Needles are durably constructed with large eyes to accommodate multiple embroidery thread strands and round blunt ends to glide between fabrics and yarns without tearing or splitting fibers. Choose from various sizes that are available to suit your project requirements.

Thimble-It Finger Pads

There's no more need for bulky thimbles! These natural feeling self-adhesive finger pads make any sewing, needle work, cross stitch or quilting easier and more comfortable. Simply apply one pad per working fingertip and you can enjoy hours of sewing pleasure. Long lasting and convenient. 64 reusable dots per package.


Tacky Bob

Tacky B.O.B (box of beads) is the perfect beading accessory. Inside the acrylic box both the top and bottom areas are covered with an acid-free tacky surface. You can pour your beads on and never worry about them disappearing again. They are so easy to be picked up with the point of your needle. No more flying beads.

The foam outer bottom keeps Tacky BOB from slipping around. Complete with magnet to hold your needle when re-threading. Perfect for any project with beads.


DMC Number Stickers

A set of pre-printed, self-stick labels that can be adhered to DMC Cardboard or Plastic Bobbins to identify DMC's proprietary color numbering system. Each pack includes 640 labels, pre-printed with all 472 DMC solid and variegated Embroidery Floss color numbers, plus extra labels for popular shades like White and 310, and blank labels for custom use.



So many styles and sizes to choose from. You can never have enough pairs of scissors.



I use highlighters to mark my working copy of the pattern so I know what I have stitched.


Judy's Boo Boo Stick

A fantastic tool for removing unwanted threads! The Boo Boo Stick removes stitches faster than pulling with fingers, needles or scissors. There is no damage to the face of the fabric and the alignment of fiber threads are not disturbed. Also great for removing clips of threads and leftover fuzz! The Boo Boo Stick is great when you have to deconstruct those stitching mistakes. It removes all the unwanted colored fuzz left on the linen when taking out stitches.

A surprise use... when working with fibers such as Wisper or Artic Rays, the fluff gets matted down in the stitching process. Use the Boo Boo Stick to perk up the fibers and make them stand out!


Soft Touch Thread Pic

The perfect tool for hiding or removing stray threads. Easily slips through the top fabric, leaving no marks or punctures. Ideal for long-arm quilters and machine embroidery.


Scissor Retractable Keeper

Perfect for keeping track of your scissors or highlighter.


Uncle Bill's Tweezers

Precision points will make this pair of tweezers your favorite pair for all purposes, including needlework. Comes in a 2" long clear storage tube. These are so handy, you'll want more than one pair!


Needle Threader

Threading a needle can be a daunting task, but not with a needle threader.


Star DeTailer

What is the Star DeTailer you ask? It's an easy tool for de-tailing the back of your needle work. Use it to tuck embroidery floss ends back under the stitches. It looks like it has a needle threader. The wire has a "twist" on the looped tip. This is great for really holding on to the floss end before tucking it under the stitches.


Hemingworth Embroidery & Sewing Tweezers Set

The Embroidery & Sewing Tweezers Set include four different tweezers: the Reverse Clamp Tweezers,  the Medium Precision Tip Tweezers, the Small Sharp-Tip Tweezers,  and the Wooden-Handled Reverse Clamp Tweezers.


Scroll Knobs

Set of 4 knobs for the EZ Needlework Scroll Frame System.


EZ Needlework Tape

Our fabulous No Basting System for Fabric works in concert with our No Basting System for Scroll Rods eliminating the need for hand stitching or machine sewing the fabric to the webbing on the Scroll Rods. Our unique design allows you to remove and reattach your project in seconds. Already own a set of scroll bars and would like to retrofit them with our No Baste System? No problem, it's simple & easy!

Thread Heaven (Little Blue Box of Awesomeness)

An "out of this world" thread conditioner. It coats your thread to prevent fraying and keeps it tangle free. It strengthens and weatherizes thread-reducing breakage by eliminating drag on the thread. Less drag means it lessens hand fatigue allowing thread to slide through your work with remarkable ease. Threads glide through layers of fabric, making sewing smoother and stitch more even for sewing, quilting and hand embroidery.


Highlighter Tape

This fun, removable tape is perfect for keeping your place on your needlework chart. The tape is 1/2" wide by 393” long and comes in a dispenser for easy use. Use different colors to highlight multiple areas of your chart or use on different charts.


Floss-A-Way Bags

Organize floss and threads with no braiding, winding or assembling.  Store and use instantly. Quick access from the wide, zip-close opening with a write-on area for color numbers.


Dome Threaded Needle Case

A new way to store threaded needles. This domed needle case winds pre -threaded needles into a reel. It can hold up to ten threaded needles, with up to 32" of thread each. Perfect for the quilter or stitcher who has multiple threads in use to match a project.


Stitcher's Hardware

Never fumble with oversized screwdrivers again! I use this screwdriver set with my Scroll Frame. Each tool fits snugly in the attractive zippered case for easy storage and travel.


Compartment Box with Plastic Bobbins


This box is a perfect project box. I pull all the floss for a project and tape the key of that project to the top of the box. This way I don't have to have my full floss collection out. Plastic bobbins used for winding DMC Floss allow for easy storage.


Working Copy of Pattern

Most designers are fine with stitchers making a working copy of the pattern. I use this copy to mark what I have stitched. That helps keep me on track of where I am. Once finished, I throw this copy away.


Embroidery Pocket Guide

Embroidery Pocket Guide is the handiest reference guide for embroiders ever -- a laminated pocket-size encyclopedia of the most popular stitches and much more.


Kreinik Custom Corder

A superb tool for making twisted cords and braids for embroidery, upholstery and many other uses. It is simple and quick to use and produces a cord in any shade or texture with regular, even twists. The weight ensures your cord has a uniform size throughout its length by providing the proper amount of tension to twist the cord together.


Punch Needle

Space-age handle with 3 removable needle sizes are included with handle-small, medium, and large. Also includes 2 threaders and instructions. Slide loop adjustment.


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Enjoy & Happy Stitching – Donnett

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