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60-Peg Thread Rack
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60-Peg Thread Rack


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60-Peg Thread Rack

Hold your spools in style!


Beautifully organize and display thread spools on our 60-Peg Thread Rack. It may look similar to other wooden thread racks on the market, but it’s very different. 

Made of natural wood the rack is a clever, convenient way to display lots of thread stylishly in a small space. The Exquisite by DIME 40wt thread spools are right at home on each sturdy 2" wooden peg, with 2" spacing between pins, the perfect size for a mini-king spool.

Leave the rack in its natural wood look or change the color with stain or paint to match your craft room decor! Makes a great gift and an even better treat with our 60 pack of Exquisite thread

Dimensions:  21.75” x 17” x 11.25”

Fran M.

What are the dimensions of the rack.

Ca it be hung on the wall. (Not peg board or slat board.)

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Kirsten S.

Hi Fran,

Great question! This rack is bit wider than some others you may have seen.
21.75” x 17” x 11.25” It is designed to give the proper spacing between spools for the mini-king spool size. Each of the pins is 2" tall, also to properly support this spool size.
Because the rack folds, you can mount it on the wall, but it does not come with the necessary hardware for doing that.

You might find this video useful:

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