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How do I make a printable applique template?

Would you like to pre-cut applique pieces without an electronic cutter? You can do that! You just need embroidery software, scissors, and paper or printable transparent sheets. Here’s how to do it with Embrilliance Essentials.

  1. In the Objects Pane isolate the placement stitching for the appliqués by hiding the other design parts - click the Lock and Hide icon (white lock with X) to hide selected design objects.
  2. Prepare to Print
    1. Edit>Preferences>Printing
    2. You probably want to turn off the color sequence printing (uncheck)
    3. In your printer setup, make sure there is no scaling or “fit-to-page” turned on. You want to print at actual size.
  3. Print!
  4. Cut. Pin, tape, or use embroidery spray adhesive to attach the template to the fabric. Cut the fabric. Your applique is pre-cut, ready for use.

This blog by Lindee Goodall goes into more detail for designs that include more than one applique object:

Creating an Applique Template -- LindeeG Embroidery

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