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Madeira Rayon 1059 Madeira 1059

Designs using this color (Top 100)
"Be Beary Quiet" (Boy)
"Be Beary Quiet" (Girl)
"Have you Hugged . . ."
"Monkey Face"
"My Teddy Bear is Stuffed.."
"Redskins" Applique
"Ride 'em Cowboy"
"Ride 'em Cowgirl"
"Stop Gobble Warming" Turkey
"Things I Must Do" / large
"Things I Must Do" / small
#1 Beaver
0 Football Applique Number
1 Football Applique Number
100% Fresh Board
1920-1930 Man
1950-1960 Man
1960-1970 Woman
2 Football Applique Number
3 Football Applique Number
3 Pines in a Row
3/4 Lion Head Outline
3D Flower #11 Large
3D Flower #11 Small
4 Football Applique Number
4th of July Hot Dog (Puff)
5 Football Applique Number
6 Football Applique Number
7 Football Applique Number
8 Football Applique Number
9 Football Applique Number
A Bear with a Heart
A Football Applique Letter
Abstract Cycle, larger / Larger
Abstract Cycle, larger / Regular, Ver. 2
Abstract Cycle, smallest
Acorn -14
Acorn Corner 2
Acorn Line 2
Acorn Outline
Acorns Cluster
Acoustic Guitar
African Lion
Alabama State Outline
Alaska State Outline
Angry Armi Armidillo
Apple Pie
Arizona State Outline
Arkansas State Outline
Artist's Upright Piano
Attacking Hawk
Autumn Colors Tree and Wheelbarrow / Larger
Autumn Colors Tree and Wheelbarrow / Smaller
Autumn Gatherings with Squirrel
B Football Applique Letter
Baby's Bed
Badminton Hit
Ball, Bat, and Glove Applique
Ballpark Hot Dog (bigger)
Ballpark Hot Dog (smaller)
Barbeque Kabob
Bare Back Rider
Barrel Racer
Barrel Racer
Barrel Racer
Barrel Racing
Baseball Bat
Baseball Gorilla
Basketball Mom (Girl)
Basketball Mom Appliqué 2 Smaller
Basketball Sports Chick
Basketball Stance Mustang
Basketball with Ball Applique
Basketball, smaller
Baskets of Apples and Squash
Beagle Head Study / 1
Beagle Head Study / 2
Beagle Head Study / 3
Bear Head
Bear Hug
Bear Hug, smaller
Bear outline 2, larger
Bear outline 2, smaller
Bear Paw Silhouette 2
Bedtime Prayer
Beer and Meat Pie
Beer Bottle
Being Together - Best Gift
Beware of Frog
Big Eyed Owl
Big Eyed Owl
Biker Dude