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Madeira Rayon 1098 Madeira 1098


Designs using this color (Top 100)
Bell and Balls
Christmas Stocking
X-mas Mouse
X-mas Squirrel
Smiling Scarecrow
Teacher's Apple
Robin Hood
Curling Stone
Fishing: Fly
GOLF with ball and golfer
Crossed clubs and Golf ball
Steam Cleaner
Building w/ mountains
Pacific Dogwood (B.C. Flower)
Puppy's Christmas Stocking
Xmas Bell and Balls, with oval
Christmas House
Poinsettia Ring
Double Tulip Pattern
Oval Floral Pattern
Daisy Pattern
Parisian Pattern
Butterfly 3
Floral Transom
Poinsettia Bells
Golf Club
Floral Letter R
Triangle Crest Appliqué
Beer Bull
Three Cows #2
Sage Plant
Thyme Plant
Birch Trees
4 Pine Retangle
Chisel Pines
Graphic Snowboard Patch
Flower Cabin
Butterfly & Flowers
Butterfly & Flowers (small)
Baking Supplies
Cookies & Glass of Milk
Apple Pie & Sugar
Charcoal Barbeque
Spaghetti & Supplies
Leaves & Vines
Two Flowers
Grain Harvest
Walleye Fish 2
Bass Fish/Lure
Ladybug's Watermelon Picnic
Tiger Lilly
Egg with Tulip Border
Grandchildren are Songs Saying
Bowling Logo
Purple Flower and Buds
Violet Flowers
Falling Flower
Moose Shield
Merry Christmas Appliqué
Snowflake 1
V-Snowboard Mountain
Lilies with Cross
Lady Golfer Applique / Larger
Little Heart
Pine Outline
Little Bird Branch
Colorful Fish
Crown Collage
Cross w/Flowers
Flying Angel
White Chapel
Cute Palm
Lady Golfer Applique / Smaller
Sunset Scene w/Wheat, smaller
Crafty Annie w/Hat
Painter Annie
Movie Annie
Sewer Annie
Crafy Annie's Collection
Hat w/Boxes
Lookin' Up Snowman Appliqué
Lookin' Up Snowman
Lookin' Up Holly Snowmen
Café Break (Extra Large)
"La France" Poodle (w/Flowers)
Café Break (Large)
Flower 1
Flower 2
Flower Box
"La France" Switchplate (Double)
"Les Fleurs"
Petit Chat Et Petit Chien
French Woman Scene
French Woman Scene (Large)
French Woman Scene (Extra Large)