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Madeira Rayon 1098 Madeira 1098


Designs using this color (Top 100)
Bell and Balls
Christmas Stocking
X-mas Mouse
X-mas Squirrel
Smiling Scarecrow
Teacher's Apple
Robin Hood
Curling Stone
Fishing: Fly
GOLF with ball and golfer
Crossed clubs and Golf ball
Steam Cleaner
Building w/ mountains
Pacific Dogwood (B.C. Flower)
Puppy's Christmas Stocking
Xmas Bell and Balls, with oval
Christmas House
Poinsettia Ring
Double Tulip Pattern
Oval Floral Pattern
Daisy Pattern
Parisian Pattern
Butterfly 3
Floral Transom
Poinsettia Bells
Golf Club
Floral Letter R
Triangle Crest Appliqué
Beer Bull
Three Cows #2
Sage Plant
Thyme Plant
Birch Trees
4 Pine Retangle
Chisel Pines
Graphic Snowboard Patch
Flower Cabin
Butterfly & Flowers
Butterfly & Flowers (small)
Baking Supplies
Cookies & Glass of Milk
Apple Pie & Sugar
Charcoal Barbeque
Spaghetti & Supplies
Leaves & Vines
Two Flowers
Grain Harvest
Walleye Fish 2
Bass Fish/Lure
Cardinal in Circle
Ladybug's Watermelon Picnic
Tiger Lilly
Egg with Tulip Border
Grandchildren are Songs Saying
Bowling Logo
Purple Flower and Buds
Violet Flowers
Falling Flower
Moose Shield
Merry Christmas Appliqué
Snowflake 1
V-Snowboard Mountain
Lilies with Cross
Lady Golfer Applique / Larger
Little Heart
Pine Outline
Little Bird Branch
Colorful Fish
Crown Collage
Cross w/Flowers
Flying Angel
White Chapel
Cute Palm
Lady Golfer Applique / Smaller
Sunset Scene w/Wheat, smaller
Crafty Annie w/Hat
Painter Annie
Movie Annie
Sewer Annie
Crafy Annie's Collection
Hat w/Boxes
Lookin' Up Snowman Appliqué
Lookin' Up Snowman
Lookin' Up Holly Snowmen
Café Break (Extra Large)
"La France" Poodle (w/Flowers)
Café Break (Large)
Flower 1
Flower 2
Flower Box
"La France" Switchplate (Double)
"Les Fleurs"
Petit Chat Et Petit Chien
French Woman Scene
French Woman Scene (Large)