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Madeira Rayon 1387 Light Plum

Designs using this color (Top 100)
Interlocking Hearts
Hearts On Ribbon
Sailboat with Sunset scene Outline
Patchwork Heart
Bowling Pins
Carousel Camel
Stained Glass Flower & Grapes
Stained Glass Flowers: Two Tulips
King Mackerel
Speckled Trout
Single flower
Easter egg in flowers
Egg tied with a bow
Fish 15
Country Life
Circle Appliqué
Floral Basket 4
Party Balloons
Las Vegas Crest
Whitework 1 Floral, large
Fruit Arrangement Appliqué
Canoe Silhouette 2
Semi Truck Tractor
Shot & Defense Silhouette
Thanksgiving Letters PP
Abstract Element
Dog & Cat Hugging
Black Cherries 1 (Larger)
Black Cherries 1 (Smaller)
Fruit Corner (Larger)
Fruit Corner (Smaller)
T-Bird Rectangle
Puzzle Lace 1A, Big Square
Puzzle Lace 1B, Scalloped Edge
Puzzle Lace 1D, Trapezoid Right
Puzzle Lace 1D, Trapezoid Left
Puzzle Lace 1E, Big Triangle
Puzzle Lace 1F, Medium Triangle
Puzzle Lace 1G, Small Triangle
Puzzle Lace 1H, Small Square
Puzzle Lace 1I, Large Rectangle
Puzzle Lace 1J, Small Rectangle
Design 1 / Regular
Design 1 / Scene 1
Running Stitch Wild Rose 4
Jumbo Design 1, Larger
Jumbo Design 1, Smaller
Jumbo Design 2
Small Design 1
Medium Design 1
Medium Design 2 (Applique)
Jumbo Design 3, Smaller
Jumbo Design 3, Larger
Jumbo Design 4
Medium Design 4
Small Design 3
Small Design 4
Small Design 5
Small Design 6
Jumbo Design 7 / Larger
Jumbo Design 7 / Smaller
Jumbo Design 8
Small Design 8