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Quilt it UP!

Our machines can do so much, including quilting.  Whether you have a dedicated quilting machine, or an embroidery machine that you want to quilt in, there are so many options. There are also tools to make your projects more enjoyable.  Suggested products are linked at the left.  



Featured Videos:

Tired of managing the quilt bundle beside your machine?  Check out this solution:

Here is a longer video, showing how an entire quilt comes together with a combination of the Weightless Quilter and the Snap Hoop Monster.

How to get Perfect Placement for your quilting designs:

  1. Using embroidery software, open the design and print a template.
  2. Use transluscent paper, such ast Print 'n Stick Target paper for the easiest use.
  3. Align the template with the previously stitched quilting design.
  4. Center the needle over the template.
  5. Remove the template and stitch.

In her "How to Quilt with an Emboridery Machine" event, recorded live, Eileen  Roche demonstrates:

  • Using pool noodles for  basting the quilt.
  • Quilting in the hoop (:11 minutes)
  • Handling the bulk, DIY methods (:15 minutes)
  • Weightless Quilter for handling bulk (:19 minutes)
  • Helpful layouts for Weightless Quilter (:32 minutes)

And here is how to bind your quilt, including preparing the binding strips, handling the quilt, attaching the binding, mitering the corners, and stitching in the ditch.

Specialty Thread

Here's an example of variegated thread used for quilting:

Quilting Rulers
For planning blocks and even working the binding, quilting rulers like Orange Pop and Sewing Revolution make all the tasks easier.

As well as creating special blocks embellished with embroidery,  did you know there are quilting designs created for your embroidery machine's hoop?  Now you can machine quilt blocks even if you don't have a freemotion machine.  Tip: Use a hoop larger than the quilting design.  Magnetic hoops like the Snap Hoop Monster make the repeated hooping so so much easier.  You will also want to pair it with a hoop guard and Print & Stick Target Paper.

Dealing with all that Fabric at the machine can be a challenge.  Longarm machines give more space in the machine's throat to help you deal with it.  Even  longarm quilters will appreciate quilt stands like the Short-E and the Weightless Quilter for holding the fabric on the other side.

Whether you quilting by hand or machine, binding (Finishing the edge of the quilt all the way around) is a job that many will glady give over to the machine.

Here's a live demonstration that covers strip binding. 

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