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What is machine embroidery?

Machine embroidery is the practice of using a sewing machine or specialty embroidery machine to create freeform stitch patterns or personal designs onto various surfaces. Embroidery.com offers designs to be used with computerized embroidery machines. These designs are digitized computer files that are read by the embroidery machine and then sewn-out onto the desired surface.

Machine embroidery can often appear intimidating, but having the essential materials to use your embroidery machine can alleviate the novice embroiderer in their new-found adventure. Needles, thread, stabilizer, bobbins, and the perfect design from Embroidery.com are the keys to attractive and successful machine embroidery.

Machine embroidery can be used in a variety of ways. To become a skilled machine embroiderer takes practice and time. Embroidery.com offers a Project Gallery, as well as recorded Eclasses to aid in competance and inspire embroiderers with new, creative ideas.

Helen H.

Hi I have recently purchased a used PE180 Disney machine and was wondering which Pe design software with reader I would need to use with windows 10 operating system.

I have Googled it 1000 times and are still confused as it gives conflicting information.

I know I need the software with the reader but can someone please tell me which one?

I am wanting it so I can upload my on designs to the card which then goes into the machine

I’m in the uk.

Thank you

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Kirsten S.

Hi Helen

I have a similar machine. Fortunately, Brother has the PED-Basic software available to download, and they keep it up to date. I had an installation CD with mine, but once we reached Windows 8, the CD version wouldn't work, so the Brother web site became my source for the software. It's free to download there.

Here's where to get the software, updated for Windows 10:


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