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Singer® Quantum XL5000

Singer® Quantum XL5000 sewing machine.
Sewing Area: 236mm (9.29") x 127mm (5.00")
Needle Type: Flat Shank Domestic
Bobbin Type: Style A or Type 15
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Jaime R.

The quantum XL5000 works like a dream. however I had several incidents that I solve. At present the problem is the following:

1. The needle hits the plastic bobbin holder

2. The threat hangs up under the flat plate on a cross bar. (horizontal to the machine)

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Kirsten S.

Hi Jaime,

I hope you are having success with your machine today. If not,

1. I suggest loosening the screw that holds the needle in place until the needle falls out, then a little bit more. Next, push the needle up as far as it will go. My guess here is that at some point the needle was replaced, but not quite inserted as far as necessary to avoid hitting the bobbin holder.

2. When thread hangs up on pieces that it should be flowing past, there could be a small burr or nick or scratch on that spot. Using a very fine grit sandpaper or nail file, you can gently smooth the area.

If none of this seems pertinent to the issues you see at present, it may be worth a trip to a service center to tune it up and find more specific issues.

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Emmilyn R.

I have Windows 10 and my XL5000 conversion tool will not work with windows 10 Who is a smart media card reader with so what pro xl5000 or xl6000 I have XL5000

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Heather B.

Hi, Emmilyn. I'm sorry you're having trouble there. I'm not familiar with that software and it's not one Embroidery.com carries. If you have a dealer, you might try contacting them. Otherwise, I recommend contacting the company who you purchased Sew What Pro from for support. Sorry I can't be of more help with that.

[email protected]

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Emmilyn R.

It is Sew What Pro

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