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Holiday & Seasonal Applique Yard Flag

Holiday & Seasonal Applique Yard Flag

Create holiday and seasonal yard flags! Use your embroidery machine to stitch the main design. Then a few straight stitches from a sewing machine will finish it up! This tutorial shows you how, and points you to the designs to use as you make your flags.


You will need the following materials to make one flag: nylon fabric 24" x 24" for the flag, fabric pieces for appliqué (you can use applique twill or nylon), thread that matches fabric, a fabric marker, and a ruler. The embroidery designs used in this project are from Starbird's Holiday and Seasonal Applique Flags Design Pack.


Select the holiday design you wish to place on your flag, and prepare to embroider. In our example, we used "Easter Flag Applique" (CD012808FA). With nylon fabric, we suggest using a cutaway backing to eliminate the puckering you may get if you use a less stable backing. To keep your fabric from slipping in the hoop, use a spray adhesive to attach the backing to the fabric before hooping. Embroider the design in the center of the 24" x 24" nylon fabric. Stop as prompted, and insert applique pieces. If you need the twill pieces for your applique, consider using Starbird's applique cutting service.


Once the design is sewn on the fabric, use your ruler and fabric marker to mark a line on both sides & the bottom of the fabric 1" away from the design.


On the top of the design measure 4" out from the embroidered design and make a line. Then cut away the outside fabric along the lines you have just made.


Run a single row of stitches 1/4" in from the raw edge all the way around the flag.


Roll a hem at the 1/4" line of stitching, and sew the sides first. Then fold the corners in on the top & bottom, roll the hem at the 1/4" line and stitch a row of stitching along the hem edge.


At the top of the fabric fold the hemmed edge over so that it is just above the embroidered border on the backside. Pin this edge in place. Now run a line of stitching along the hemmed edge.


You have now completed your flag and it is ready to hang. Are you ready to make another?

Patricia B.

what size hoop is needed

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Kirsten S.

Hi Patricia,

You need to be able to fit 9" x 11.5" in your hoop to make these flags.

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Carolyn L.

thank-you for the info .I have made a few flags and was wondering just what fabric you used ??

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Heather B.

Thanks for the question, Carolyn. In their instructions, Starbird notes that they used "nylon fabric". That's all the information I have. I hope that is helpful.

[email protected]

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