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QuickSnap 2.0
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QuickSnap 2.0


UPC: 810065026637
$399.99(regularly $449.99 )

Limited Time Free Shipping within contiguous U.S.

Will likely ship by Friday, January 28

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Quick Snap 2.0

Conquer difficult to hoop items

Embroider sleeves and pant legs without opening a seam

Product includes:

3 Easy on/Easy off Snap Hoop Monster frames

    Three metal bottom frames and three magnetic tops:

- 2" x 8" (Perfect for Sleeves)

- 4" x 8" (Great for Pant Legs)

- 5.5" x 8" (Ideal for Children's Wear & Pockets

- Quick Snap Extension

Compatible with:  
Baby Lock: BMP6, BMP8, BMP9, BMP 10, EMP6, Enterprise
Brother:  PR620, PR600CII, PR600II, PR600, PR650, Entrepreneur (PR1000)

Janet D.

please make one compatible for Brother pe800.

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Kirsten S.

Great idea, Janet. I suggest you go to this page: https://www.shop.dzgns.com/pages/contact-us and choose "I have a question about a product" and enter your suggestion there.

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toni c.

Is there a video on how to use these? If you do a jean pocket it looks as though the pocket gets sewn also.

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Darin Andersen

I haven't seen a video like this on embroidery.com. I was able to find some videos that may answer your question on YouTube. Here is the search I used: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=embrodiery+QuickSnap

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