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Viewing and Organizing Embroidery Designs

Now that you have a library of embroidery design files, you want to be able to find them.  Start by creating folders for different categories of designs such as animals, flowers, holidays, and monograms. This way, when you need a specific type of design, you can quickly locate it without having to sift through a large number of files.

Next, use a program that creates thumbnails for your embroidery designs such as Embrilliance Thumbnailer or Dime's Perfect Stitch Viewer.  Use an embroidery program such as Embrilliance Essentials or Embroidery Toolshed to open, view, size,  and convert embroidery designs. You can also simulate a stitch-out to show how the design will sew out.  When you double click on an embroidery design, does Word,  Adobe reader, or some other program open and show you garbage?  You may have a file association problem.  Here's how to fix it.