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Needlepoint Canvas

  • Needlepoint canvas is a type of fabric used for needlepoint embroidery. It is typically made of a closely woven mesh, such as cotton or linen, and is used as the foundation for needlepoint designs. The mesh is often stamped with a pattern or design that can be followed to create the embroidered image. It is commonly used for decorative items such as cushions, wall hangings, and ornaments
  • .Plastic canvas is a grid of plastic with holes for stitching, just like regular embroidery canvas. It comes in sheets that can be easily cut to the size that you need. It can be embroidered and used for many different projects. It is often used for three-dimensional projects like boxes and containers.
  • Waste canvas is made up of woven fibers held together with starch, which dissolve when wet. The waste canvas guides you where to stitch when there are no visible holes between the threads in your fabric.