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Kimberbell Tuesday Tips: Fairy Lights

Lauri shows you her method of making a pocket for the back to hold the fairy lights and switch out of the way from little fingers -- only accesible to the responsible adult (that's you). It's basically a pocket with a flap, attached with a hook and eye (or snap or velcro). Use this tip on Red, White & Bloom, Main Street Celebration, or Twilight Boo-levard bags or pillows as well as on the quilt.

Lauri's tip: cut the pocket the same size as the corresponding quilt block, prior to trimming. Hers is 10.5 x 4.5", which yields a 10" x 4" stitched piece.

Lauri uses a Precision Turning Tool to turn the pocket and make is edges crisp.


Lauri shows you the best way for opening the eyelets that are required for your cute, twinkling fairy lights! You can use these tips and tricks with Kimberbell's Twilight Boo-levard Pillow, and with the most recent Main Street Celebration Bench Pillow from Kimberbell!

Useful tools include the Twilight Boo-Levard Embellishment Kit, the Main Street Celebration Embellishment Kit, the  Kimberbell Deluxe Scissor Set  and the White Fairy Lights.


1. If you opened your lights, and they didn't work -- you need to open the battery pack and pull the clear tab out.

2. How to poke the holes: With sharp, small scissors poke from the front, and twist.  Also poke from the back and twist.  

3. Trim any fuzzies.  Don't use Fray-check.

4. Use a button hole or eyelet stitch to finish the hole.

5.Add your embellishments

6. Add the backing  -- check out the new three piece backing!

  1. Trim the selvage off of your 1/2 yard backing fabric
  2. Cut 10 inches off each side.
  3. Roll the hems, and overlap slightly on each side.
  4. Make the 1/4" seam all the way around.

7. Flip only the middle section inside out.

8. Gently unwind your fairy lights.

9. From the backside, begin with the first hole.

10. Bend the wire at the first light into a point.  

11. From the back, poke the bent light wire through the hole.

12.  On the front, separate the bent wires, and straighten, then pull the extra wire back down through the back.  The light sits on top to hold itself in.  

13. You can twist the light wires a couple of times.

14. Go across as far as you can, skip any lights that you need to.

15.  Begin with the second battery pack near the other end.

P.S. You're going to want the embellishment kit for this pillow! Here are the links!
Twilight Boo-Levard Embellishment Kit, Twilight Boo-Levard Project CD.


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