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How can I add a design to another design?

Choose Merge Stitch File or Merge Working File from the File menu. Navigate to find the design you will be adding. Use the arrow keys to move designs, and use the align & distribute tool to center and arrange designs.


I have a Little Max from Amazing Designs can I pull a design up on your program add lettering to it then save and transfer the design to my little max ?

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Heather B.

Yes, that's right, Judy. You can add lettering to designs in Embrilliance Essentials, save the file into your format, and then transfer as usual (in your case, using the Little Max box).

P.S. A list of formats Embrilliance Essentials can read and write are included on the Embrilliance Essentals product page. I recommend checking that your format is included.

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