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Experience the Hemingworth Difference and how to use it...

I think we all know how frustrating it can be storing our embroidery thread. Spools unravel and tangle and dust and dirt gets all over the thread. I feel like I waste as much thread as I use!

That is exactly what makes Hemingworth Thread different.

Hemingworth's Thread has this amazing cap & stopper system. The cap protects the thread from dust, oil and even UV rays.

But I think my favorite feature might be the removable stopper. How many time have you lost your thread end or had the thread just fall off the spool? The stopper traps the thread tail, preventing unraveling and tangling during storage.

So here is how to use Hemingworth Thread … each spool has a plastic sleeve around the thread, so remove that. Then bring the thread up through the cap opening at the top and now you are ready to stitch.


The cap provides a smooth and easy thread feed that can come from any direction.


Then when done stitching, place the rubber stopper back in the cap top, trapping the thread, so now there is no waste.


The thread itself is amazing as well... it is a trilobal high quality, poly-select, 40 weight thread. So it is and very attractive, vibrant and glossy and resistant to breaks.

Hemingworth Thread is also colorfast thread. I mean, even when bleach is directly applied to it, it won't fade.


I have found that Hemingworth Thread makes my embroidery process so easy and enjoyable. That allows me to spend my time to create all of fun new embroidery designs and projects instead of dealing with thread breaks.

Start your Hemingworth Collection today at Embroidery.com.

 For more info on Hemingworth Thread Click here to see our Hemingworth Thread Video.

Hemingworth's complete collection includes 300 colors, including 12 metallic and 6 variegated colors.

Hemingworth Thread can be purchased in individual spools, 3 Spool Thread Sets6 Spool Thread Sets, 12 Spool Color Boxes, 32 Spool Essentials & Season Collections as well as the Complete 300 Spool  Hemingworth Thread Set.

 Thread Storage options include the Hemingworth Modular Displays, Hemingworth Storage Cabinet and the Hemingworth Thread Caddies.

Hemingworth also has a variety of stabilizers, backing & toppings as well as a collection of specialty products such as scissors & tweezers.

Start your Hemingworth Thread Collection and experience the Hemingworth Difference Today!


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