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How to use the Frixion Pen

How to use a Frixion Pen.

The Frixion pen is one of our favorite embroidery tools. This smooth gel ink pen not only can write on paper and erase, but can also write on fabric and disappear.

The Thermo-Sensitive gel ink is formulated to disappear with the erasing friction, leaving no trace.

Trace your pattern on to the fabric as dark as you wish. Once you have finished stitching or if you make a mistake while tracing, you can erase the marks.

Simply take an iron to your fabric and the ink will completely disappear.

Hints to the Frixion Pen: Just like you're not supposed to leave children or pets in the hot summer cars, don’t leave your stitching in your car. The heat will make the pattern disappear.


If you don’t have a iron, you can also throw your piece into the dryer or use a blow dryer to make the ink go away. The Friction Pen just needs heat to disappear. I have even used an electric heater before to erase the pattern.

We have heard if you heat the piece and didn’t mean to, you can hurry and throw it in the freezer and it will come back. 

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Debra L.

It will definitely come back in the freezer. I have tried it and it works.. So I am wondering if it comes back in extremely cold temperatures....

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