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How Do I Write a Designer 1 Disk in Embrilliance?

You can use Embrilliance to create the particular diskette structure needed by the Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 machine. Here is a short video with Lisa Shaw quickly showing how to do that:

1. In Embrilliance, go to the Utility menu.
2. Chose Designer 1 disk Utility
3. When the Designer 1 Disk Utility window opens, you can choose whether you want to write to a diskette or a stick.
4. Navigate to the location of your floppy diskette drive or USB stick on your machine.
5. Next, choose on which menu you want to store the designs. Designs are imported to only one menu at a time.
6. Click the 'Get Design…’ button.
7. You’ll see the now familiar ‘Get Designs’ window where you can navigate to the desired designs on your computer and select individual designs or the entire folder to import.
8.Note: Each menu can store up to 36 designs. If you select more than that to import, only the first 36 will be imported. You would need to repeat these steps and save to a second menu in order to write the rest of your designs to the disk or USB.
9. To finish the process, click the ‘Write’ button.

This video, from Sewing with Karla, shows how to write using a floppy, and also shows you the off-screen aspect of inserting and using the disk in the machine.


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