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All About Embroidery Tool Shed

All About Embroidery Tool Shed

  • It's a free software
  • Create templates
  • Re-size
  • Copy
  • Rotate
  • Mirror
  • Merge
  • Change colors

To print a template:

  1. Open a design in Tool Shed
  2. Click the print option
  3. A crosshair is included in the template.

To save in Tool Shed:

  1. Choose file
  2. Save As
  3. Choose from the included formats (home and commercial) something every machine can read.
  4. Choose the location, such as your USB, or a folder on your computer.

Pro Tip: C2s is the native file format for Tool Shed programs, and you can use it to make changes. Save the stitch file (pes, dst, vp3) on your USB stick.

Embroidery Tool Shed is like an actual tool shed that it comes with some basic tools, and you can add new tools to it (Perfect Embroidery Pro, My Fabric Desginers, Perfect Lettering Pro), and all the new tools will be housed inside your Tool Shed.

Embroidery Tool Shed works on full operating systems (not iPad), including Windows and Mac OS.

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