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Hoop multiple items at once

What if you are working on multiple projects at one time? Hoop six napkins in one hoop, for some speed project stitching. What a time saver! In this FAQ, Eileen Roche shows how to do that, with video and text.

1. Print templates for your designs.

2. Hoop sticky stabilizer.

3. Align the laser's vertical mark with the zero mark on your hoop.

4. Align the horizontal line on the template for the first napkin with the Perfect Alignment Laser.

5. Place the second napkin in the same fashion, beside the first.

6. Stitch those two napkins.  

7. Fold the corners up, tape for security.

8. Place the third and fourth napkins, aligning their horizontal template lines with the laser again, as in step 4.

9. Repeat steps 6-8 for the last two napkins.


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