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All About Fuse Me

Introducing Fuse Me

Fuse Me is a fusible web wtih a very delicate hand; it doesn't change the hand of your fabric.  It is soft when washed. Use a household iron set to "high" and "dry" (not steam) to fuse.
With Fuse Me, you can:

  • Turn any fabric into a fusible
  • Get wrinkle-free, long-lasting applique
  • Cover every edge
  • Control raw edge applique with a clean finish (no fraying)
  • Cut applique shapes with Cricket or Scan'n Cut
  • Make a quilt sandwich without pinning or spraying adhesive
  • Attach pre-made lace
Some things to do with Fuse Me:

Make a quilt sandwich without pins or spray adhesive.
Use it to adhere fabric to greeting cards.
Attach lace without stitching (Eileen used the Totally Tubular Pressing Station on that Denim cuff).
Applique, of course!

Applique Tips
For pre-cutting applique, use the placement line as the cut line.  Cut applique to that size, place, and fuse.  The run the tackdown stitch.  Fuse Me keeps the applique in place, so it doesn't move during stitching the tackdown.

If you don't pre-cut, and instead trim in the hoop, iron after trimming. 

Raw edge applique is similar: cut after tackdown, and then press (Eileen's design comes from her Bridge Club Stipple collection).

Fuse from the back side when you have applique pieces that have a little loft.

If fusing from the front, use a pressing sheet.

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