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Joanne's 3 "P"s for Good Embroidered Borders

Three Keys to Good Embroidery with a side of Borders

Joanne Banko, an expert on fashion embroidery, shares her three 'P's to good embroidery and tips on placement for fashion.

  1. Planning
  2. Prepping
  3. Placement

When planning for borders - look beyond edges, and consider other placements for them. Princess lines, for example, are perfect for border designs.

Print 'n Stick Target Paper allows you to effectively audition your embroidery before stitching, and gives you perfect placement.

To print templates, you need software. Embroidery Tool Shed is a free software that will allow you to print templates.

Is your fabric heavy enough for your embroidery? If not, add interfacing as well as stabilizer.
Always test your design on your fabric.
Choose fabric and trims first, then choose thread colors -- every thread color is available. It is harder to find specific fabrics and trims!

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