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AlphaTricks / AlphaTricks Application (Downloadable)
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AlphaTricks / AlphaTricks Application (Downloadable)


$95.00(regularly $105.00 )

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Can be immediately downloaded.

All Embrilliance programs are guaranteed with a 90 day refund policy. We are confident that you will love this software!

Embrilliance AlphaTricks turns ordinary alphabet designs into useful keyboard lettering fonts. Save all the hassle of merging individual letters, and the inconvenience of re-ordering them to make a word sew out. AlphaTricks will import all the designs in an alphabet and help you map each design to a key on your keyboard. Then you can use the designs almost as if they were a built-in font. AlphaTricks is a Feature Pack for Essentials owners and to get the most out of it, please add it to Essentials. However, it can also be used by itself with limitations. Used by itself, it cannot re-size merged designs, and other Essentials features will not be available, such as the Utility menu.

Here's a video overview:

By now you are probably familiar with the lettering tool in Essentials. Wouldn't it be great if all those things could be done with the alphabet designs? Well, they can, almost:

Multi-Line text!

Note that the letters are automatically kerned for you. (Kerning is the spacing between each letter.)




Text on a circle/Spiral:


So you get the idea. AlphaTricks is a letter-lovers dream addition to Essentials. And you can run it by itself with some limitations in sizing etc. Once you do, we just know you’ll want the rest of the Essentials, which is why we describe it as a feature pack for Essentials.

No separate download is needed: If you have the Embrilliance (Essentials) program version 1.106 or later, you are ready to run AlphaTricks. Simply use the Help->Serial Numbers window to add your serial number once you've made the purchase. Note: AlphaTricks does not come with fonts - it is for you to map the alphabet embroidery designs you've purchased elsewhere.

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Diane H.

I have purchased and registered AlphaTricks but don't know how to download?? for do whatever is need to get use the software (I also have Essentials). Thank you so much for your help

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Kirsten S.

Hi Diane,

Congratulations on deciding on Alphatricks. Do you already have is scentuals, you won't need to download anything for Alpha tricks. Instead, and go to the help menu in your Essentials program and enter your serial number for alpha tricks.

This video shows the procedure:

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Kirsten S.

Hi Judy,

Great question. I actually wasn't sure if it worked that way with only AlphaTricks, so I tried it, and it turns out that --Yes, you can do that in AlphaTricks even without Essentials.

Might I suggest trying the Embrilliance demo version, as shown in this video. I find it super helpful when I'm trying to decide which module will do what I need.

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Just so I am clear . Can I put one of my saved designs on the board of AlphaTricks then add lettering to it?

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