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Weightless Quilter - Tabletop
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Weightless Quilter - Tabletop



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Weightless Quilter Tabletop

It's Uplifting! 

The Weightless Quilter Tabletop lifts medium size quilts above the machine bed. Best for quilts smaller than 54" square, the Weightless Quilter Tabletop supports the weight of the quilt during the stitching process. Clamps to any size table with a thickness of up to 2.5in. The flexible goosenecks are rigid enough to the quilt and yet, are easily repositionable to fit your needs.

  • Eliminates quilt and hoop drag
  • Provides a solution for getting a big job done in a small space
  • Reduces stress and fatigue on the body
  • Set up in minutes and stores easily when not in use
  • Requires no special furniture

The Weightless Quilter Tabletop rises above the machine to hold the quilt and allows it to move freely while you concentrate on the stitching. Perfect for machine embroidery, walking foot, ruler work, and free motion. 


  • 28in flexible goosenecks
  • 2 fabric clips
  • 2 clamps
    Flexible gooseneck, fabric clips, clamps, marker

Noreen S.

Just ordered! Anxious to try this method with free motion quilting!

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Jeanne E.

Thanks for the order! Hopefully it turns out to be a great product for you!

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Sheila W.

I'm liking this.

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Jeanne E.

Sounds great! Thanks for the positive feedback, Sheila!

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