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Hoop Setter™ for Snap Hoop Monster

Perfectly align your top and bottom frame!

This clever 2-part device holds Snap Hoop Monster's bottom frame while the stabilizer and fabric or quilt sandwich is placed and the top frame is attached. The result? A perfectly aligned top and bottom frame!

Simply place the Hoop Setters on a work surface and slide Snap Hoop Monster metal frame into the Hoop Setters. Place your stabilizer and fabric over the bottom frame and then using the Hoop Setters align your top frame and snap in place. Watch the video on this page to see just how easy they are to use!

  • No more guesswork on aligning your top and bottom frame
  • Easy to use
  • Each package includes two (2) Hoop Setters

Works with all rectangular and square Snap Hoop Monsters; not for use with Sticky Hoop.

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