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Cottage Garden Samplings Designs

When Vinniey Tan graduated from art college in 90's, She always knew that design was her calling. She worked as a graphic designer in advertising and designing industry and later promoted to Art Director. But when she first bought her first cross stitch kit, she truly found her real passion. Her designs are often inspired by music and anything she see that she like, whether it is a word, sight, sound, mug, photo, antique, her daughters' handwriting and drawing. Color is also a huge inspiration for her. Her designs have been described as combination of primitive art and modern folk art with crisp, clean and clear lines that aren't just elegantly simple, they're also easy to stitch. She stitches all of her own models and improvises colors and details in the process. When she isn't researching, stitching or designing, she spends time with her three beautiful daughters and her husband, who is a talented, award-winning Art Director.