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Brother® Innovis 1500D

Machine Info. from Brother®
Sewing Area: 260mm (10.24") x 160mm (6.30")
Needle Type: Flat Shank Domestic
Bobbin Type: Style A or Type 15
Introduced: 2007
Read Formats: PES 
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Rebecca G.

I am using Embrilliance for the first time. I have brought in a design on my computer but whenI take it to the machine it asks me to finish the editing. I had clicked on the icon which prompts me to fit the design to the hoop, but it seems like I need to do more. What am I missing?

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dee l.

Just stumbled on this site this morning and so enjoying it. If my area doesn't offer beginner classes on my brother 1500d what resources would you recommend. I am not new to sewing but very new to the embroidery world. My machine is pre-owned so no i can not go to a dealer and ask for classes-I have even offered to pay for a class.

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Kirsten S.

Dee, Welcome to embroidery! Are you familiar with the American Sewing Guild? Many of its members also embroider. I would suggest looking for a local chapter and finding out if someone in it is also an embroiderer. They are a great resource. Here is a link to their site: https://www.asg.org/ Even though your dealer won't let you take beginner classes, you might see what else they offer. Do they have an embroidery group or club meeting there? If they do, this could be a place to find yourself a mentor or teacher.
Your machine manual can be very useful to support any learning you are doing. If you don't have it, you can get a download of it from Brother: http://support.brother.com/g/b/manualtop.aspx?c=us...
Embroidery.com maintains a list of local embroidery-related classes that you might skim through and see if any are near and of interest: http://embroidery.com/machine-embroidery-events.ec

Craftsy has several good embroidery classes. The most basic is probably "20 Things Every Embroiderer Should Know" by Lindee Goodall. https://www.craftsy.com/embroidery/shop/embroidery...

Another good resource is Youtube. Just about everything seems to be on there, if you can only find it! One big name in Brother embroidery machines is Vince Arcuri. He probably has a long, detailed video about everything. Here is a link to a beginner one:

Best wishes!

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Sandra S.

I still own the Innovis 1500D and also I would like to add my new machine The Dream Machine XV8550D.

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Heather B.

Hi, Sandra. Thanks for writing. You can easily add a new machine to your Embroidery.com by looking up the machine in our embroidery machine database. Make sure you're logged in. Then click where it says...

Click Here if you own or use this machine

The machine will be added to your preference and your old machine will not be removed unless you do so.

Please let me know if you have further questions.


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