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Welcome Cross Stitch and Needle Enthusiasts! My name is Marie. My first love was drawing.  From an early age, I would keep myself entertained for hours drawing whatever came to mind. My mother and aunt were professional seamstresses, and I learned by watching them work.  On occasion, I was asked to help with small finishings.  As I got older, my interests changed and I developed a passion for the needle arts.   I've stitched waiting for the school bus, riding to and from church, waiting at the doctor's office, early mornings, late nights and anytime in between.  My appreciation of the arts and natural beauty, combined with hard work in creating needlework is a skill I now do full time.  I hope it will be passed on through my family, friends and stitching enthusiasts for generations to come. I have always loved designing my own pieces, and my friends urged me to share my designs with the world  Thus, Blackberry Lane Designs, LLC, was born in  March of 2008.