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Aug 6 Dime Live

Here's the annotated replay of Live* with Eileen for August 6, 2020

As your skills elevate, so do your tools.  A "universal" needle is a catch-all; you will want a larger selection for better results.

Ball-point needles are slightly rounded. 

They were designed for knit fabrics. 

They spread the yarns of the fabric apart, helping to eliminate puckers. 

Some brands sell light ballpoint needles as "Embroidery needles."  Many embroidery projects are done on knit fabric, but not all!

You can get sharp needles for your woven fabric projects.

Sharp needles are not slightly rounded. They are pointy. 

Quilting fabrics love sharp needles

Using ball point needles on woven fabric can contribute to puckers.

Blade Size

Use the right blade size.  Heavy seams can deflect a light blade, and that can cause the needle to hit something it shouldn't, and lead to thread and needle breaks and burrs on the plat or bobbin case.


Eileen's tips for quilting the Dime Doors:

1. Do it digitally, figure out what color and and size of sashing to use.

2. Make the sashing in line with the size of the embroidered blocks.

3. Cut 1/2" larger if the fabric extends beyond the background.

4.Don't trim the batting away after tackdown.

5.Skip the last two colors (of the Dime Door designs) because those are part of the hang tag, which you don't need if you're making a quilt, unless you want them along the top.

6. Cut fabric twice the size of the finished sashing.

How to make a door into a whole house? 
skip to ~24:00 minutes, but Eileen says you are on your own for the roof. Put on your thinking cap. What can you come up with?


Software tips ~:44

Here's where to find the needles on sale:

Here's the Dime Software Eileen was using:

Whichever software you have, Eileen says make a goal to use your software every day.  This is the best way to become familiar with it and learn to use it! Start by opening every design you download in your software.





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