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Live* With Eileen and special guest Sue Brown

August 27 2020 on Live* with Eileen, we got to see special guest from OML Embroidery, Sue Brown.  Here are some highlights by topic from their presentation.

Sue explains her thread organization system, and Eileen demonstrates Dime Exquisite thread spools.

Sue shares some of her favorite products, including the Weightless Quilter, magnetic, hoops, and Embroiderer's Compass (which she demonstrates), and tells the reason that even after embroidering for years, it's an essential tool.

Sue explains why the Hoop Mat is in every one of her videos.

Eileen demonstrates how to use the plastic shield that comes with your snap hoop to keep the fabric in place when transporting the hoop: 

Sue's favorite software is My Lace Maker. Do you want to know where to buy it?  Get the free Embroidery ToolShed downloaded, and you can test-drive My Lace Maker,and even buy it from within ToolShed, if you want! 

Eileen demonstrates adding shading to quilting lines with fiber markers:

Eileen uses extra batting to give dimension to her quilted tree trunk:

Eileen demonstrates using tulle to add a second color variation:

It's a triple threat - batting, tulle and markers, favorite embroidery tools, and more! For more hooping helps, click here.

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