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Live* With Eileen

Eileen Roche talks mylar embroidery with special guest Patricia Gates. You get introduced to all of Purely Gates' mylar collections, and learn a lot about using mylar designs, along the way!  Here is the replay of the live event. Scroll down to see the bookmarked sections that detail particular questions, answers, and tips!

  • designs must be created for mylar in order for the Mylar to show through the design
  • Purely Gates mylar is guaranteed -- you can wash, dry, and iron it
  • safe in baby quilts
  • mylar is meant to be an accent to the design - not a "scream of shine"

  • to know when to lay down the Mylar, check the color change sheet for the design
  • don't tape or use spray adhesive. Carefully hold it place and it will tack down
  • save the torn away pieces -- designs often use just small pieces!
  • treat Mylar like regular machine embroidery - use the stabilizer appropriate to your fabric item.

  • works great on towels - lay the water soluble topping down first, then the mylar.
  • yes, you can use water soluble topper with Mylar, but mylar isn't a topper or stabilizer itself.
  • Mylar works on cork, on leather -- everything!
  • Mylar gives you shine without using metallic thread -- you can combine if you want to, though!

  • You can use mylar designs without the mylar, but do a test stitch.  The background fabric will show through in the areas designed for mylar.
  • Resizing is NOT recommended.  Resizing -- even a little- will alter the digitizing in the mylar area in an undesirable way.
  • Splitting a design must be done with care -- don't split within the mylar area.
  • Mylar designs stitch well on all embroidery machines.
  • Patricia recommends picking your fabric first, then choosing the threads to go with that fabric, then deciding which elements of the designs each thread color will stitch.






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