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Embroiderer's Hoop Mates


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Embroiderer's Hoop Mates is a complete hooping system designed to turn hooping into a quick and easy process! Hoop Mates includes a solid wood base and three different sizes of hooping boards—infant, youth and adult. Each board slides into the wood base for a raised, angled position, allowing you to easily drape garments over the board and set a perfect hoop placement!

    Each hooping board has the following features:

  • Universal Brackets: Holds the bottom ring of your embroidery hoop firmly in place for perfect positioning.
  • Contoured Shoulder and Neckline: Allows garments to drape naturally over the board.
  • Grooved Center Line: Helps aid and correct alignment such as center of shirts, blouses, etc.
  • Numerous Holes: Allow for easy positioning of the universal brackets for unlimited hoop positioning and alignment.
  • Measurement Lines: Help position flat goods such as towels and blankets.
    Embroiderer's Hoop Mates also comes with the following handy tools:

  • (1) Stabil-Hold magnetic stabilizer holder
  • (1) E-Z Pre-set Frame (4" x 4")
  • (1) Demonstration DVD
With help from Embroiderer's Hoop Mates, your embroidery will be straight and professional every time!

Note: The Embroiderer's Hoop Mates and the Embroiderer's Friend are similar products with a few key differences: Each size of the Embroiderer's Friend is sold separately and has a table lip to hold the board securely against a table. Hoop Mates includes three different sizes of hooping boards, all designed to fit in a raised, angled wood base. For use with home embroidery machines.
The Embroiderer's Hoop Mate(s) is a 3 board hooping system, similar to the varied sizes of The Embroiderer's Friend. Boards interchange on an angled wood base allowing easier placement of garment over boards. Each board is designed with neckline and shoulder slope so garments drape naturally. Instructional video is also included.