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Welcome to Embrilliance, where we offer Embroidery For the Rest Of Us!

Every embroiderer needs to do some basic things. Those things should be easy and fun, not an hour long trip to the dealer for a class. And it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, either. And just because your computer is a Mac with OSX or a PC with Windows 10 (64 bit) doesn't mean you should be left out!

Now, there are some programs on the web for Windows users. And some have great features. Some have great prices. But the features you're told you'll love are the ones you never use. And when you want to do something simple, it isn't easy. Plus there's no dedicated community. Help is haphazard. Worse, the inexpensive software on the web isn't supported by your local dealer.

Embrilliance is here to fix all that. And we've got a great "First Program" for you.

It is called "Essentials."

Using your Mac or PC (regardless of Windows version) you can:

  • Merge embroidery designs in almost any format, even while they are in .ZIPs.
  • Resize, with stitch recalculation.
  • Colorize.
  • Convert Thread Brands on your designs.
  • Add lettering in Multi-Line, Monogram and Circle modes. You can even spiral text or make really LARGE letters.
  • Save in your machine's format.
  • Save working files so that you can edit text later.
  • Overlap designs and have significant understitching removed.
  • Run a simulator to show how your designs will sew out.
  • Group/ Ungroup
  • Change or remove individual colors in a design.
  • And have many chances to Undo you work.
  • Also, there are special designs called Interactive designs that can be used, and some even come with the program. These designs calculate their stitches as you play with them for super results!
  • Intel Mac OSX 10.5 and later, including Yosemite (current as of this writing).
  • Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista 32/64, Windows 7, 8/8.1/10 32/64
  • Embrilliance is the only brand in the World that offers embroidery software running native on Mac and Windows 32 and Windows 64 (so it's faster)!

Includes Downloadable Items

Kirsten S.

Hi Patty,

We have an online course for StitchArtist, but do not have a class to learn Essentials at this time. I suggest signing up for our weekly tip videos. Most of those videos show you how to do things with Essentials.

If you would like to sign up to receive the future parts of the series, go to your account profile on, and enter the “notification preferences” section. There, you just need to find the “Embrilliance Suite of Products” button and click the green “follow” button.

follow embrilliance.jpg

These tip videos and others also become archived in our FAQ section, which I see you have already found!



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Patty J.

you have classes to learn essentials?

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