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Embroidery Size 1: H= 3.66" x W= 5.40"
Embroidery Size 2: H= 3.66" W= 2.59"

Sparkle designs by Adorable Ideas transform regular embroidery designs into something truly dazzling! Just sew out the embroidery file and, with a little help from your high-heat iron, easily match up and adhere the sparkle template on top. Sparkle kits include:
  • The embroidery design file, which can be sewn out over and over again.
  • One sparkle template matching the design. (As these are actual rhinestones, there is only one application per template, but refill sparkle templates are available here.)
  • CD with written instructions and step by step demonstration video. ( click here to see the video online.)
Sparkle Designs are sure to put a sparkle in your eye!

Once the sparkles are properly attached to your design, the design is machine washable. Note: these designs do sparkle in the light but do not contain lights. Unfriendly sparkle fabric: nylon, velvet, acrylic, leather, vinyl. Test fabric if unsure.

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This design is copyrighted by Adorable Ideas by John Deer. This design may not be distributed electronically in any format or by any method, either altered or unaltered, without the express written permission of Adorable Ideas by John Deer. By purchasing this design, you acknowledge that you agree to the License Terms.

Adorable Ideas by John Deer grants the purchaser to unlimited use of its designs for personal home use. The purchaser is also permitted to produce and sell up to 50 embroidered items for profit. For embroidering and selling more than 50 embroidered items, contacting you may purchase a specified Commercial License.