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Magna Hoop Universal Large - Melco/Amaya



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The Magna-Hoop™ Pro Universal - commercial hooping system gently but firmly secures the item in the hoop eliminating the need of messy adhesive stabilizers and sprays. Embroider cuffs, collars, pocket flaps, specialty fabrics like velvet, silk, leather and vinyl without the risk of hoop burn and more!

Magna-Hoop Universal uses 5 sturdy acrylic embroidery windows and 8 magnets to secure your embroidery. This unique universal hooping system will accommodate most all eight to 15 needle commercial embroidery machines.

Contents Include:
  • One metal base plate
  • Five acrylic frames
    • Small Square: 4.5”; 114mm
    • Large Square: 8.625”; 220mm
    • Medium Rectangle (2 openings): 2.5” x 7”; 64mm x 127mm
    • Narrow Rectangle (3 openings): 1.5” x 7”; 38mm x 127mm
    • Circle/Rectangle (2/2 openings): 3”, 76mm and 1.5” x 3”; 38mm x 76mm
  • Eight industrial strength magnets
    • Four 6mm, silver magnets
    • Four 4mm, bronze magnets
  • Twenty adhesive gripping strips
  • Target stickers
  • 11.5” square hoop, machine specific arms

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