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ABC Hide It - Permanent Topper (White) / ABC Hide It - Permanent Topper (White) HIDE IT-W20



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20 Sheets 8" x 10" - White

Hide It Permanent Topper is what embroiderers have been waiting for since--well, since the beginning of machine embroidery! Here's why:

The Problem

It's a problem every embroiderer is painfully familiar with--high contrasting colors. Say you want to embroider light thread on dark fabric, or dark thread on light fabric. After all, high contrasting colors are beautiful together, right? Well, they are--as long as your fabric isn't showing through your embroidery! And that's very difficult to keep from happening. Seeing the fabric through the embroidery makes your embroidery look sparse and, frankly, cheap. For years, embroiderers have wrestled with stitch density and tried other tricks to prevent this from happening. But now there's a much easier way!

The Solution

Hide It Permanent Topper is the answer. It's a stay-in stabilizer topping that comes in a wide variety of colors and is washable without washing out! All you do is choose the Hide It color closest to your embroidery thread and just before embroidering, float a piece of Hide It on top of your embroidery. This topping is permanently trapped underneath the stitching, preventing the fabric from showing through and subtly giving your embroidery a more dense, smooth look. Use Hide It to:
  • Keep fabric color from showing through the embroidery. (For example, you don't want to see your red garment showing through your white snowman design!)
  • Compensate for an unusual texture or weave that keeps the needles from making a normal stitch
  • Keep a design in the fabric, such as a stripe, from showing through the embroidery
  • Give the embroidery more density without adding more stitches
  • Keep terry cloth or other high-napped fabrics from ever showing through the stitches
  • Reduce the stitch density of a design so that it may be sewn on a lightweight fabric without the design being too heavy for the fabric
The Colors of Hide It

As mentioned above, Hide It comes in a wide variety of colors--including red, white, black, orange, yellow, blue, green, and more! Hide It even comes in clear, which is a good choice when a temporary topping might wash away and allow a nap to come through. For example, if you are concerned that repeated washings of your towel might eventually lead to the nap showing through, clear Hide It is a good choice. But remember that clear Hide It is different from water-soluble topping, even though it looks similar. Hide It is permanent, so be sure to only use clear Hide It on designs without tiny openings, as you will not be able to remove it!

Hide It is the only product of its kind on the market. See why embroiderers everywhere are raving about this great new product!
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