Magna Hoop A: Baby Lock / Brother 5x7in



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The Magna-Hoop gently but firmly secures the item in the hoop eliminating the need of messy adhesive stabilizers and sprays. Embroider cuffs, collars, pocket flaps, specialty fabrics like velvet, silk, leather and vinyl without the risk of hoop burn -- and more!

The Magna-Hoop Set includes five hooping frames and a 30-minute Insider Hooping Technique DVD and a 12-page full color instruction manual.

This product works on specific Babylock & Brother machines with the medium sized / 5" x 7" hoop:
  • Baby Lock Ellegante
  • Baby Lock Ellegante 2
  • Baby Lock Ellageo
  • Baby Lock Ellageo Plus
  • Baby Lock Esante
  • Baby Lock Ellure
  • Baby Lock Emore
  • Brother Duetta 4500D
  • Brother Innov-is 4000D
  • Brother Innov-is 2800D
  • Brother Innov-is 2500D
  • Brother Innov-is 1500D
  • Brother Innov-is 1200D
  • Brother Innov-is 1000D
  • Brother ULT 2001
  • Brother ULT 2002
  • Brother ULT 2003D
  • Brother 6500
  • Brother 8500
  • Brother 8200
  • Brother PE 700
  • Brother PE 750D
  • Brother Galaxie 3000