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WAHL® PEANUT Stitch Remover


$43.99(regularly $54.99 Sale Ends 01/13/2018)

Shipping to U.S. & Canada Only.

Will likely ship today

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WAHL Peanut Stitch Remover®

Every embroiderer needs to remove unwanted stitches from time to time, and the WAHL Peanut Stitch Remover is the right tool for the job! The Peanut's powerful motor and sharp razor quickly clips the understitching and bobbin thread until stitches are cut and easily fall out. The Peanut is the right time-saving tool at the right money-saving price!
  • Comparable to the Peggy's Stitch Eraser® and other similar clippers, but with the dependability and durability of WAHL
  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to clean and maintain
  • Blades easily snap on and off
  • Comes with clipper oil, cleaning brush, and step-by-step instructions
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor on defects in materials and workmanship. (Valid in US only)
  • This item has a 15% restocking fee
120v AC

*Please note that this product no longer includes a finger ring. Wahl has found the finger ring unneccesary. We apologize for any inconvienence.

Cathy H.

Please update me on my order for a Peanut Embroidery Stitch remover. I have not received it.

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Heather B.

Hi, Cathy. I'm sorry for your trouble. Your Peanut Stitch Remover was shipped out on the 3rd and is currently in transit on its way to you. It looks like there may be a delay with the order in Salemburg. I would guess the delay is weather related, but USPS isn't specific. Usually these things sort themselves out and get delivered in 1-2 days. If you want to track the package, you can follow this link...


If you want to discuss this further, feel free to email me at info@embroidery


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Cathy H.

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