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Hemingworth Dream Kit

Machine embroidery is one of the most creative hobbies there is, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. What thread should you use? Stabilizer, what exactly is that an why do you need it?

The Hemingworth Dream Kit has everything you need to start creating amazing one of a kind projects.

Starting with 42 Spools of Hemingworth Thread, one roll of each type of backing, bobbins, our tweezers set, a Hemingworth Color Card and a pair of our best selling Flexi Snips.

Education is an important part of our hobby so for a limited time we are going to be including Embroidery Basic DVD and all three of our Video Showcase DVD for FREE!!!

The Embroidery Basic DVD is a comprehensive tutorial on the very fundamentals of embroidery. Goes in to in depth of all parts of embroidery. You'll learn the parts of the needle, different needle sizes and types and when to use which needle.

Learn about the basic types of stabilizer and which stabilizer is best suited for the many varied fabrics and designs. And in the Thread chapter, you'll learn the different types and weights of thread, tips for avoiding thread breaks, how to care for your thread properly and more!

That is over a $400.00 value for $299.99 you don't want to miss out on this amazing sale!!!

Set for Spring Hemingworth 6 Color Set / Set for Spring with Spring Banners
Set for Spring

With spring hopefully around the corner I am itching for all the beautiful colors spring brings.

With spring colors in mind I combined the Hemingworth Spring 6 Spool Set with 3 Design Packs from one of our newest vendors, PunKin Designs.

That's right, this combo includes 3 New Design Packs! First the Spring Banner stitched out in a beautiful script font and shown using three different colors.

The Shamrock Banner which is perfect for St. Patrick's Day, has a mixture of satin stitched and appliqued shamrocks.

And finally The Easter Banner has a scalloped edge with a decorative outline stitch and polka dot filled letters.

Our Hemingworth Spring Set is the perfect partner for these 3 designs packs. Included in the set are Rosy Blush, Dandelion, Tulip, Leafy Green, Kentucky Grass and Ivy.

This set is on sale for $39.95 which expires 03-08-15, so you don't want to miss out on this limited time offer.

Designs will be available for digital download immediately after purchase; however, you will also receive all of the designs on a CD that will come along with the thread.

Let's get set for Spring!! As always, Happy Stitching!!

Embrilliance Essentials / Embrilliance Essentials (Downloadable)
3, 2, 1, Resize!

We have all had occasion to wish a design had come to us in a different size, be it smaller or larger. This week in Computer Tips, a quick look at three easy ways to change a design's size. Hands down, the best way to do that, and be sure of what you're doing, is with editing software.

It's easier than you think, I promise.

This video shows changing design size in Embrilliance Essentials, which is made for both Windows and Mac users. It's slick, it's quick, and all the tools are at hand. There's no complicated figuring, or converting between measurement systems or percentages. Instead, you can use all of those calculations and figures to your advantage because the software makes them intuitive and calculates the changes for you! Click on the video to see it for yourself:

Video: 3,2,1 Resize!

Remember, Embrilliance is available in native Mac, too, so Windows and Mac users can both enjoy the same benefits.
Tick, tock, turn up the clock!

This weekend, turn your clocks forward to spring ahead in the US (except Hawaii and Arizona). Yes, it's that time again.

I've quite enjoyed making Starbird's sleep masks. My daughters and I made one for every grand and great-grandparent before I realized that the kids each wanted one, too!

sleep masks

Where we live, the morning sun in the springtime can really rudely awaken us, streaming its lovely light in at 4 in the morning after the time change. Sleep masks are a simple and handy solution. No need to crawl out of bed and lower the blinds or curtains. Just slip on the mask and go back to blessed, blessed rest. Ahhhh....

Yes, one could close the curtains in advance, when it's still dark, but you know how it is...

Clock humor

EB Embroidery Bunny 14
Easter Bunny With FREE Design

The Easter Bunny is on his way! Hopping savings right in to your basket.

Purchase the Embroidery Bunny and upon check out you can select a FREE Easter Design!

Your little ones will love there very own personalized Embroidery Bunny!!

Round & Round: "Mister Un-Twister"

What on earth? Embroidery dancing lessons? Kind of. I'll explain.

Maybe this has happened to you:

You're sewing along, enjoying the results, when suddenly the thread or needle breaks, and the culprit is obviously twisty thread. It's such a frustration, and sometimes it ruins your work. I have known people in the embroidery industry to avoid certain types of thread because they are more prone to twists. But that doesn't have to happen to you.

That's where we need Mr. Un-Twister

Let me introduce you to my friend, The Hemingworth Control-a-Twist Thread Guide. Yep, I said friend. Such a pal that I don't stitch without it. I affectionately call it "Mr. Un-twister". It works for every style of spool and every kind of thread. By providing a specially designed guide for thread to work out its dance moves on, Mr. Un-Twister removes the hassles before they hit your embroidery machine. Here's the product's developer, explaining and showing you how it works:

Control-a-Twist video

I know, genius, right? You're welcome.

Hoop to it!

We've got to hoop to embroider, so what's the best way to get things straight and save our wrists at the same time? Where's the best place for hooping? If you said "any available clear space, heck I've even looked longingly at my floor..." then I have a quick video for you. It's a peek at how to use the Embroiderer's Friend, a hooping tool that will give you ease and good results. The Embroiderer's Friend is a great tool, and no longer being manufactured, so if you've had something like this on your wish list, this might be the time to pick it up. It's marked for accuracy, and holds your hoop for you, too. Now that's a true Friend.

Embroiderer's Friend Video

Hoop to it, two!

Your Embroiderer's Friend really helps you hoop. And if you use multiple sizes of hoops, maybe you've contemplated getting a second Friend? The company that makes them is out of business, so if you like the product, I'd suggest checking your options now, while products are still available. Check out this quick (1:45) video that shows you how to use your existing Embroiderer's Friend to hoop with different sized hoops and NOT have to re-position every bracket every time you switch from one to size to the other. So you can hoop back and forth without worry.

EZ Preset Frame video

Smaller Little Irish Fellows by Kinship Kreations
Currently on Sale for $15.99 (Regular Price $19.99) Sale Ends Sunday, April 05
Irish Fellow Quilt Block 1, Smaller
Irish Fellow Quilt Block 2, Smaller
Irish Fellow Quilt Block 3, Smaller
Irish Fellow Quilt Block 4, Smaller
Irish Fellow Quilt Block 5, Smaller
Irish Fellow Quilt Block 6, Smaller
Irish Fellow Quilt Block 7, Smaller
Irish Fellow Quilt Block 8, Smaller
Irish Fellow Quilt Block 9, Smaller
Irish Fellow Quilt Block 10, Smaller

10 mischievous little Irish fellows for the upcoming season. 50% off! Available in 3 sizes.

Free Standing Lace Easter Eggs
Free Standing Lace Easter Eggs by Kinship Kreations
Currently on Sale for $15.99 (Regular Price $19.99) Sale Ends Sunday, April 05

These elegant Freestanding Lace Easter Eggs from Kinship Kreations are perfect Easter gifts. The size of these designs is perfect to either put ribbon thru the hole and hang OR tie a longer ribbon for bookmarks. Include them in your Easter baskets, or give them to special friends to celebrate the season. Your purchase includes a tutorial on how to embellish these lace Easter eggs.

EB Embroidery Bunny 14
Easter Bunny Accessories

Who's that hopping down the bunny trail? Just in time for Easter, it must be the most famous rabbit of all. Peeking from behind the bushes, hiding eggs along the way, -- here are fun projects to help him mark the day!

Easter Flag

He'll know he's in the right place

as he comes hippity-hopping along and sees a cheery flag marking the path. This example is from Starbird's Holiday and Seasonal Applique Flags. Instructions are in the project gallery.

A cushioned basket

makes an inviting carrier for eggs and goodies to nestle, waiting for the little ones' discovery. The instructions for designing, drafting a pattern to match your basket, and stitching it up, are in our project gallery. The bunny designs come from the Easter Bunnies Design Pack by Embroidery Central.

Basket liner

And this beautiful centerpiece

marks the table for the Easter morning celebration! This one comes from PJ Designs' Merry Easter! and was embroidered by Cathy T. -- as seen in the Machine Embroidery gallery.

Easter Centerpiece by Cathy T.

Computer Tips: Thumbnailer Introduction

This week in computer tips, we're exploring Embrilliance Thumbnailer.

Mac & Windows Welcome!

First let me say that if you use a Mac you need not tune out. I know you're accustomed to hearing that embroidery software is made for Windows, but Embrilliance products are designed to work on either Macintosh or Windows platforms. Thumbnailer is part of the Embrilliance suite of products, so it works for Mac and for Windows, too.

Thumbnailer works, so you don't have to

Thumbnailer is probably the easiest embroidery software you have ever used. After installation, it can be completely passive, yet it enhances the daily use of embroidery design files instantly. Thumbnailer can be purchased with Embrilliance Essentials design editing software, or on its own.

This short video demonstration shows how Embrilliance Thumbnailer works, and why stitchers enjoy it so much. Wondering whether it would be useful without Essentials, or whether to add Thumbnailer to Essentials? Have a look and see what it's all about.

Thumbnailer Screencast

To find Thumbnailer and the Embrilliance suite of products, click here.

Signs of Spring
Introducing Signs of Spring by PJ Designs
Currently on Sale for $23.99 (Regular Price $29.99) Sale Ends Monday, March 23

As we emerge from another long winter, who among us isn't ready for some signs of spring? While we're waiting, how about creating some Signs of Spring!!! This design pack, created entirely in the hoop (6x10 for the lettering, 4x4 for the add-ons), has all the makings to greet Easter and all the bright days beyond.

Optional eyelets are digitized into the add-on pieces and strategically on the lettering in order to attach the add-ons with ribbon for Easter and then replace them with the flowers and leaves for the rest of the spring season and beyond. There are 3 different flowers, leaves, an Easter egg, a whimsical carrot, and a cute-as-can-be bunny. If you choose to skip the eyelets, you could handtack the add-ons instead or let the WELCOME speak for itself (finished size 21 1/2" x 6 1/4").

Of course, there are plenty of embellishing possibilities as well. Whatever your choice, your Signs of Spring might just nudge Mother Nature to send her signs of spring a bit quicker!