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Embrilliance Enthusiast

Welcome, Enthusiast!

Once you have mastered the Essentials, you might be ready to play a little bit more, explore more advanced functions, and take on a little more challenge.

If this is you, you might be an enthusiast. We named this program after you!

Check out these oh so cool features: Stitch editing, Multiple hooping, Baste Hoop, Precise Position, Mirror X 4, Instant Repeat and so much more.

This is your next step in learning about digitizing and Embrilliance, making it so easy and fun!!

Thread Stand

So why is this thread stand so cool?

First of all, it works with just about any domestic machine. It doesn’t even have to be an embroidery machine. The Hemingworth Thread Stand is one of those products that you didn’t know you needed until you see how it works. Then it is an indispensable helping hand for your embroidery & sewing.

The Thread Stand holds up to 10 spools of thread, each spool has its own spindle to hold it in place. The spool platform is interchangeable, which is great if you have two or more machines. Line up the thread by stitch order or by color which ever is easiest for you. The thread is drawn off vertically to the corresponding hole above and from there to the snip grip. The snip grip is just a holding point before you take the thread to the machine.

To use the thread from the Thread Stand take it out of the snip grip and lead it over to the deliver arm then down to your machine. This unique side delivery arm helps remove unwanted thread twists and allows for a very smoothly feed from the spool to the machine.

The Thread Stand has a nice base which your machine sits on. The weight of your machine helps stabilize the thread stand which means the thread stand won’t tip over like some of those free-standing thread stands.

Easy to assemble and made from high impact polystrene plastic- it's lightweight, strong and looks great. Dimensions are 10-7/8" x 18" base. 18-1/2" high.

You don’t want to miss out on this amazing sale pricing $77.99!!!