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Have a Heart Design Pack with Thread Set

The holiday decorations are gone, the pace has slowed, what to do?

How about...Valentine's Day!

PJ Designs' “Have a Heart” project has all the fixings for a romantic Valentine's dinner, but hearts are not just for Valentine's Day, and this project is not just for dinner!

This pack includes the placemat design, which could also be a wall-hanging or even a memo board. The coaster could be a napkin holder or how about a gift card holder?

We have paired this Have a Heart project with some perfect Valentine's colors including Gentle Blush, Rosy Blush, Passion Pink, Rose Sunset, Primrose and Winter Rose.

Be sure to download the tutorial for project instructions.
Pal 2 Laser Cross-hair Lamp

Centering and alignment are easier than ever!

The Perfect Alignment Laser, or PAL2, easily attaches to your work surface. PAL2 makes it so easy to hoop square. Just raise or lower the laser to align the outer hoop's horizontal and vertical center markings with the illuminated cross-hair.

After sliding the fabric under the beam and inserting the inner hoop into the outer hoop, you know the fabric is square in the hoop! Plus, PAL2 works with any hoop!

Now on Sale $89.99!