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Cooking Up Great Embroidery

You will have fun creating with the design CD that is included with the book. Brian Bailie and John Deer have put together some beautiful, exclusive Interactive 3D flowers and leaves that allow you to do all sorts of customizing for your needs.

Also included is a section on most commonly asked embroidery questions / answers, as well as recipes and "Tips from the Chef" where contributors have given hints.

Witchy Welcome
Introducing Witchy Welcome by PJ Designs
Currently on Sale for $23.99 (Regular Price $29.99)

Is it stereotyping to assume all witches have warty noses, unruly gray hair, and ugly clothing? Clearly the stylish owner of these shoes and hat would have none of the above, so here to put a hex on those misconceptions is...Witchy Welcome! This project (finished size 22" x 11"), completed entirely in the 6x10 hoop, consists of 6 design files.

All pieces feature front and back fabrics, dense fleece batting, firm fusible interfacing, and lots of decorative and detail stitching, from the spider web on the hat to the lacing eyelets on the shoes. The sign is attached to the hat with wire or ribbon through the digitized eyelets, and the shoes are attached to the sign in the same way. The completed project offers plenty of opportunities for additional embellishment and hangs from wire or ribbon attached to eyelets on the hat's band and bow.

No promises that anyone will be scared by this hanging on your front door, but you can be assured that it will be a most "welcome" addition to your Halloween festivities!