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Introducing Free Standing Snowflake Ornaments by Lynzie's Embroidery
Currently on Sale for $24.99 (Regular Price $34.99) Sale Ends Monday, August 22
Snowflake Ornament 1
Snowflake Ornament 2
Snowflake Ornament 3
Snowflake Ornament 4
Snowflake Ornament 5
Snowflake Ornament 6
Snowflake Ornament 7
Snowflake Ornament 8
Snowflake Ornament 9
Snowflake Ornament 10
Snowflake Ornament 11
Snowflake Ornament 12

Let's celebrate Christmas in July! This stunning new design pack from Lynzie's Embroidery includes 20 delicate freestanding snowflake ornament designs. If you wish, decorate the finished ornaments with crystals, ribbons, glitter... what ever inspires you! You can also spray with opalescent spray to add lovely shimmer. You can hang the finished ornaments on Christmas trees, garlands, in windows, etc. Also great to tie on a gift or slip into Christmas cards! Now on sale.

Hemingworth Color Card

Our color card was designed to be efficient and user-friendly!

The unique spiral binding allows for easy card flip-through. Each card includes actual thread samples with color names and numbers. 300 colors in all.

Thread samples are aligned right along the edges for convenient color matching. A handy index provides all information needed to easily locate thread color.

Hemingworth Color Card Now on SALE $14.98!!!