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Computer Tips: Thumbnailer Introduction

This week in computer tips, we're exploring Embrilliance Thumbnailer.

Mac & Windows Welcome!

First let me say that if you use a Mac you need not tune out. I know you're accustomed to hearing that embroidery software is made for Windows, but Embrilliance products are designed to work on either Macintosh or Windows platforms. Thumbnailer is part of the Embrilliance suite of products, so it works for Mac and for Windows, too.

Thumbnailer works, so you don't have to

Thumbnailer is probably the easiest embroidery software you have ever used. After installation, it can be completely passive, yet it enhances the daily use of embroidery design files instantly. Thumbnailer can be purchased with Embrilliance Essentials design editing software, or on its own.

This short video demonstration shows how Embrilliance Thumbnailer works, and why stitchers enjoy it so much. Wondering whether it would be useful without Essentials, or whether to add Thumbnailer to Essentials? Have a look and see what it's all about.

Thumbnailer Screencast

To find Thumbnailer and the Embrilliance suite of products, click here.

Hemingworth 3 Spool Sample Pack
Easter Basket with Simply Spring Threadset
Easter Basket with Thread Set
Computer Tips: Speed Stitching

Color stops are convenient when when we want to switch colors. That isn't always the case though, and extra color stops can slow us down. This Computer Tips video shows how to quickly fix that with Embrilliance Essentials.

Embrilliance Essentials can do this on Windows or on Mac. Ready? Set? Go!

4 New Packs from Creative Design

New this week at are four new mini packs from designer Creative Design, including Wolves, Seashells, Deer, & Eagles. Mini packs include just a handful of designs at one low price. Get yours today! Click here to shop.

New Creative Design Mini Packs

For Good Ol' Mom and Dad

Since Mother's Day and Father's Day are just around the corner, how about a head start on some gifts? Dad-appropriate gift ideas can be difficult to come up with, but how about a seatbelt cover? And for Mom, how about a mini photo album for 4x6 photos? Both of these projects are completed entirely in the 6x10 hoop (an extra-long belt file fits a 12" hoop!).

They both come with several variations, so you can "mix it up"--Mom could have a seat-belt cover and Dad could have a photo book. Additionally, both projects can be personalized with lettering of your choice to say just what you want to say, so you'll find uses for the projects long after Mother's Day and Father's Day are past. So get going and make up several to have on hand, and don't forget yourself! On sale today!

For Good Ol' Mom & Dad

For Good Ol' Mom & Dad
Welcoming Spring Design Pack by Starbird Inc.
Currently on Sale for $10.78 (Regular Price $26.95) Hurry! Sale Ends Tuesday, March 31

Designs can be purchased individually for just $2.78!

Flower Bunny
Rain Ducky
Spring In Bloom
Bunny Basket
Love Spring Bird
Peace Love Spring
Spring Bee
Spring Chick
Spring Ladybug
Spring Lamb
Spring Nest
Welcome Spring

Here in Utah, it feels like Spring is upon us. Whether you are in the midst of Spring like us, or still buried in snow, the beckoning call of Spring is undeniable!

These darling designs from Starbird are perfect to celebrate the season. They are so sweet, in bright Springy shades. Use them for all kinds of projects: from towels, to shirts, or party favors! Pick yours up today.

Clover Mini Iron

Must have for every craft room!!