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Stipple! Life's A Beach

"When I was ten years old, my father, an avid pilot, restored a World War II open cockpit bi-plane and flew it for thirty years in our tiny seaside resort in New Jersey. He loved that plane and so did all of his daughters. Although it never towed a banner as it is in this quilt, it spiraled through the air crisscrossing the sky over the sparkling blue water of the Atlantic Ocean.

"He would buzz our house and we would head to the airport to get a ride. If we were on the beach when he flew over, we would wave and jump around on the white sand so he could see us. A tip of his wing meant he was heading home for dinner. There are so many stories -- thankfully all good ones -- I just had to include this memory of my youth spent on the Jersey shore.

"Oh what I wouldn’t do to stand on that sand and hear him fly overhead." - Eileen Roche

Stipple! Life's A Beach combines quilting, raw-edge applique and machine embroidery into one easy hooping!

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Arabesque Monogram

EmbroideryArts brings us the Arabesque Monogram Collection. With 15 unique Arabesque style design packs to choose from, you are sure to find the one that is just right for your project!

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